Winning Tricks to “FIND THE ONE”

Ex-lovers, heartbreaks and too many bottles of red wine. Am I right? So let’s get to the point. How many times have you read “guidelines” to find the love of your life? Plenty, I know, I don’t even want to talk about it, because same girl, same. What about those long nights with cheap Chardonnay and sad songs shuffling all around your house? Countless, I know. “Will it ever happen to me?” You literally spend night over night and everything seems to stay the same.
I’m no Carrie Bradshaw but all I know is that that is going to end NOW. Well, you might still need the wine if you have some left, but these queens are going to have YOUR back, and your whole body to be honest.
You still there gorg? Great. I thought you would have fallen asleep with that much wine.
Now, forget about laying down on the couch and get your perfumed candles on, put on your best valentine’s Romeo and Juliet eleganza fantasy outfit and I make sure you’re going to find the one you’ve been looking for today. Trust me, a gal like me never lies.
With non-stop performances, tricks, sexy dance moves to spice up your soulmate, and a lot more secrets will be REVEALED.
“Is this experience only for single gals like me who spend the day listening to Aerosmith and Diana Ross?” Oh, hell to the NO. We could never do that. Bring your best gals, your whole family, bring your pussycat and your doggos! I promise they’ll find the one today! And if they’re already taken, well, a little party never killed nobody!
My girlfriends, and me included, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know to improve your love skills with your loved one, how to make them feel the inner fire every single day and most importantly, how to make the best LOVE POTION in the world! And no, this one is not a Weasley Love Potion. It’s not that magic that we’re talking about in here!
You know what they say, Drag keeps bringing families together, so, what are you waiting for my squirrels? Teach your grandma how to join in, tell her you have a surprise for her, and spend the most amazing time with your family gathered with phenomenal drag queens. If you want me to convince her, gal, text me ASAP, and i’ll get her here in a second!
Have you ever seen the movie Moulin Rouge? If you haven’t, google it up now, but if you had, do you remember that final scene, where Nicole is standing there with a extravaganza white dress in a room filled with lights, curtains, feathers, jewels.. EVERYTHING darling. That’s how we’re going to turn your room into.
Please, for Cher’s sake, you can’t miss this one in a lifetime chance to FIND THE ONE.
And as we wait for her will to release a new album, all I can say is that Rihanna was right all along. We Found Love. ♥

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