STDs are a Drag

I just can’t stop thinking about the video we made for GAT Portugal and AIDS Healthcare Foundation, I really can’t. It is impeccably done.



image1 ok

And why? Well, it may be for the incredible performances or how the message was spread. Maybe it’s both. Because it is actually a very important matter.

Facing a worldwide pandemic for almost 1 year now, when the world is in a lockdown, where there are people dying everyday from this virus, we still have a whole bunch of diseases and health issues. A lot more. And STDs are actually a hell of a drag, especially in these times we have been facing lately indeed.

The hospitals are full, some are overwhelmed, and there’s no room nor facilities to aid everyone injured. It’s sad. Indeed it is. It is almost unforgivable if you catch an STD, or a cough nowadays, to be honest. The queues are huge and for some people that might be unfortunately unlucky. But that can change. It really can. Or at least, we can stop the spreading.

And I am talking about prevention and protection. Safe sex. That’s what I am talking about. 

image2 okAnd why? Well, I guess we both know the answer gal. You can avoid infections such as chlamydia, gonorrea, sifilis, HIV and much more. These kinds of diseases attach to your body and they start by weakening your body, they make you feel uncomfortable, they make you sick… and, as for HIV, it is going to attach to you for the rest of your life. Of course there’s a treatment, there’s a way to keep your body fighting against them, to eradicate or heal!

As my good old mom used to tell me: “Antes prevenir que remediar”, that basically translates to: “it’s better to be safe than sorry”.


As you know, or if you don’t, now you do, I live in Lisbon, Portugal, where we are located, and since I moved here, when I was 17, all of my friends used to tell me: If you want to do a free check-up on STDs, totally confidential, highly recommended and clean venue, go to CheckPoint LX. And since 2014, I am pleased to go there, they always treat me right, they are clean, professionals and above all, they are humans that understand our fears and mistakes. Before any test, it is asked a small inquiry, about our sex life, our sexual habits and partners. First time I went there I was so afraid, I didn’t know what to expect, but, by now it’s just a regular check up that I am able to do, and I feel so respected and responsible for doing it. They do not mind telling you all the goods and bads about an active sex life. And you will be taught as well how to properly use a condom, and if you will, they’ll explain all about the STDs. If I had to rate from 0-10 it would be a SHABLAM 20. 

But, above all, for now, wash your hands, use your face mask, avoid meeting people. Protect yourself so you can protect somebody else. Play safe kiddos!


Yours truly,
Cher No-Billz

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