Bingo and Secrets
with Drag Taste

This Interactive Online Drag Bingo is perfect for private parties and Branded Team Building events!

Now is time for you to Dance, Laugh, Cheer and win some UNIQUE Prizes!

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the most unique and extravagant Virtual Drag Bingo in the World!

What Will We Do?

Are you ready to be amazed?


Welcome to the most Fabulous, the most Unique Online Drag Bingo in the World! This is so much more than a Bingo Game, this is a cabaret-style virtual Bingo you will never forget!


Fabulous Drag Queens will take you on a magical journey with gigantic live show performances, where the fun Bingo, amazing music selection, and laughing out loud jokes through the game is just a small part of this Experience!


This Interactive Online Drag Bingo is perfect for private parties and Branded Team Building events!

But wait, there’s more!

There will be Surprises and live Shows with dozens of artists, dancers, acrobats, and queens on stage. There are Live Professional Singers with funny original Bingo-themed songs. You will see Fire Spitting, flying Drummers, Giant Pink Pianos with a pool on top with dancing queens on it!


All the breathtaking choreographies, dresses, scenarios, music lyrics, and more were 100% created by the Drag Taste team, especially for you!


Once we have our Bingo Winner, we’ll hang out, toast to life, talk about Drag Culture, Lisbon and answer all your questions!


At the end of the Experience, you’ll make friends from all over the world, without ever leaving your home!

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🕰️available every day

60 minutes of pure fun

Join from your Phone, Tablet or Computer

Private Groups Available, up to 1200 guests
Hosted in English (Portuguese, Spanish and Russian available upon request)

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