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Interactive Live Musical

All lyrics and music are original, all costumes, scenarios, script, and story are completely unique and created by Drag Taste

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the best Experience of your lives!

What Will We Do

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Kids, it is with deepest pride and the greatest of pleasures to welcome you to the World’s 1st Interactive LIVE Musical: cLock Down!


Grab your smartphones, tablets, or computers, go to your Couch and get ready for the most amazing interactive stream of your life! We are @DragMusicals and we’re here to bring you a show you won’t forget, where our Stage is your Home!


This is so much more than watching a movie. A team of 50 of the best Portuguese artists created an entire Musical from scratch with a fascinating script, original songs played by our best orchestra, breathtaking scenarios, wigs and costumes, singers, and dancers that won’t let you take your eyes off the screen!

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But wait, there’s more!

cLock Down tells a story about Teresa, a little girl that many years ago lived in the magical kingdom of Tic Toc Town, a place where Time and Clocks were alive! Until the day they stopped due to the arrival of an egocentric wizard: Vyraz! Scared with the situation, the Queen ordered lockdown!


During Teresa’s quarantine, she was able to find happiness in her negative emotions, represented by Ladies Sadness, Fear, and Anger, by playing games and smiling!And you will do exactly the same from your own home! During the play, the characters will interact with you, shout your name, and we will draw, have pillow fights, and even make a delicious mug cake recipe together while having fun!


Other things to note
Our Live Musical is for ages, from 5 to 105 years old

⭐4.97 (379reviews) 💲From 16 euros / person
🕰️available every day


90 minutes of pure fun

Join from your Phone, Tablet or Computer

Private Groups Available, up to 1200 guests
Hosted in English (Portuguese, Spanish and Russian available upon request)

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