Let’s Get Physical (after a cup of coffee)

I’m too tired.” “It’s too late.” “It’s cold.” “We’re in a pandemic, I can’t go to the gym!”
Oh, Tiffany, get over with it!
Come on, and what if I tell you that there’s no need to leave the comfort of your house, that you can stay there, comfortable, and learn the best tricks with drag queens from Drag Taste? Cool, yes? I know!!!
From motivational training, to a variety of yoga exercises, challenging games, loads of fun and it’s a perfect way to maintain your training routines.
Learn exclusive healthy recipes and good old snacks, alongside with the best drinks that will enhance your productivity at work and let me tell you, they are SO tasty!
Spending the whole day sitting on a chair working? Your neck is constantly hurt? You think those pants are not fitting the way they used to? We got the solution for you! (Honestly, I just wanted to sound like a commercial gal, and I think I did it pretty well, didn’t I?).
No more chit chat, let’s get into it! And no, it’s not going to be boring!
I know that for most of you, shopping used to be your Cardio routine, but things are about to change. Never in a million years I’d think that drag queens could teach phenomenal ways to enhance your performance. I literally couldn’t believe it. I’m one of the gals that sits on the couch for a Sex and the City marathon with botomless mimosas, I admit, it’s the Tea. But they actually changed my mind and showed me funny ways to stay in shape.
Believe me or not, I am able to workout with my nails on, I actually learned how to make homemade acrylic gel extensions. Maybe one day I’ll teach you, it’s not that hard, and well, now they look amazing, but girl, when I started… not even going to talk about it…
I hope you got what I said, so now, get your glamazon training outfit, put on the sparkle, the jush, the shananigans, and please, pretty please, Stream #Physical by Dua Lipa.
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