ComebackP – Arraial

Arraial Drag – Pink Sardáines

Here in Portugal, most of all during summer, there are lots of Popular and Traditional celebrations going on, all of them outside. They are usually filled with aromas of grilled fish, barbecue steak and lots of beer, sangria and wine, with folklore music raving the skies and screams of happiness everywhere.


Now, imagine, instead of having Mr. Zé grilling Sardines and filling wine glasses, fabulous, outstanding and powerful Drag Queens, with an apron yelling “FRESH SARDÁINES, READY!” But not a regular sardine, instead, pink “sardáines”.


And all of a sudden, a choreographed flash mob with dozens of Queens and fireworks came from nowhere to make the party even bigger, welcome to the Arraial Drag, a Lisbon typical Tradition, but, with a fabulous Twist!

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